About The Elderslee Project

The Social Issues and Advocacy page grew out of The Elderslee Project. It shows key issues on which the Elderslee Foundation focusses, and has related tools and resources to support the important work people do in the community.

Current Action on Social Issues 



The Elderslee Project has convened a working group to address the issue of older women and homelessness. In recent times, this group of women has been particularly affected by the economic and housing crises. This group has now adopted the name, Action on Housing Older Women.

The Elderslee Project team and Action on Housing Older Women held a forum on March 10, focussed on Older Women and Homelessness. Entitled Creating Collaborative Housing Solutions: Focus on Central Coast Older Women. The forum featured two panels, comprised of panel members from local, Sydney and national organisations. These speakers higlighted the nature of the issue and explored models of housing options for older women which could be adopted or adapted for implementation on the Central Coast.

See here for Agenda  ForumAGENDAFIN3

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See here for Forum notes March 10 21

For further information, please send an email to djtipper1909@gmail.com

Organisational Support

Elderslee Project has provided support work (policy support, planning, assecc to resources) for a number of organisations over the last 2 years on a probobo basis.

These include:  Wyong Neighbourhood Centre,  Gudjagang Ngara li-dhi, CC Women’s Court Support and Advocacy Service, CC Against Domestic Violence subcommittee.

Can we help?? If your organisation would like some support, please contact us on admin@eldersleefoundation.org.au.  All requests will be considered pending available resources and nature of the request.

Into the Future

Whilst the focus of Elderslee Foundation has changed towards the establishment of Elderslee@Tuggerah and Red Tree Theatre, the recommendations of the Elderslee Project report have been accepted by the Board, and will be supported within the available resources. The project model below summarises the Elderslee Foundation’s future priorities:

project model

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Background to Elderslee Project

In 2018, consultants were commissioned by Elderslee Foundation to investigate how to support small- medium NFP community organisations on the Central Coast, to identify gaps in existing support provided and to explore potential future directions of EF in its work. The project undertook a literature review and interviews with key workers and agencies (local and state-wide and regional peak bodies) about their ideas and views around capacity building/ support. The results of this work informs the ongoing work of the Elderslee Project.

Key Issues identified

Advocacy People would like more advocacy on relevant social issues on the Central Coast, but feel constrained by time and the sense they haven’t the freedom to undertake this role because of perceived or actual threats by funding bodies to not be involved.

Time The ever- growing demands on organisations limited the time to undertake many tasks at the depth they would like. This impacted on such things as ability to address new approaches to funding (e.g. unit costing), longer term strategic and financial planning for sustainability, and the chance to fully embrace and share best practice.

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