Our Approach

Elderslee Foundation’s work has the following underlying values and principles:


  1. Community and Collaboration – we work with, and support, our Central Coast community. We aspire to bring a collaborative spirit and strategy to all that we do, learning from the insights and leadership of others, and sharing openly what others may be able learn from us.
  2. Respect and Inclusivity – we respect the people we work with and actively seek to include all who are impacted by our work, and to model our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in all that we do.
  3. Innovation and Creativity – We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity and change, and try to instil our work with imagination and innovation.
  4. Equality and Fairness – We are committed to the equitable treatment of all people and the elimination of discrimination in all its forms.
  5. Advocacy – we will challenge injustice and inequality, and actively seek change where these things impact on our community.
  6. Excellence –We strive to provide high-quality content and strategies, basing our insights on experience, knowledge and data.
  7. Integrity – We carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability.


  1. A diverse not-for-profit community sector is critical to the wellbeing of Central Coast residents.
  2. We are committed to ethical practice in all we do.
  3. Collaboration and partnerships are more effective than individual work, and the contribution of people with lived experience is critical.
  4. Capacity building strategies can strengthen not-for-profit sector organisations and the people associated with them.
  5. Evaluation and research provide valuable information and insights which contribute to improved service delivery.
  6. Focussing on strengths results in more powerful options for action.
  7. Respectful relationships facilitate more effective actions.
  8. Evidence – based practice results in better outcomes for clients and community.

Our People

Janine Gibbs
Janine Gibbs Chairperson
Howard Oxley
Howard Oxley Treasurer
Ruth Jordon
Ruth Jordon Secretary
Joshua Maxwell
Joshua MaxwellArtistic Director

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