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Due to COVID Restrictions all patrons must show proof of double vaccination upon arrival to the venue

Please note; Ruthless The Musical has been postponed until June

Short Cuts Rapid Text

Presented by Jopuka Productions

Short Cuts; Rapid Text is a special one-off short play event for the 2022 summer holidays. A COVID Safe Event where all the short plays are socially distanced but have nothing to do with COVID.

Featuring the works of the Central Coast’s rising talents and a few special guests.

A streaming component will be announced closer to the time.

Audition will be socially distanced

Tickets $25 (plus booking fee) Book Here

Ethan Beckton

Ethan Beckton is an up and coming singer songwriter who is presenting his very first solo concert.

Ethan Beckton in partnership with Red Tree Theatre

Supported by Gaia Ludwig.

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Party of Apes; Laughter is The Best Medicine

Presented by A Party of Apes

Do you hear that rumble in the jungle The Apes are back!

After many lockdowns and false starts we are back with our first show in over two years

Party of Apes: Laughter is the Best Medicine*

Come along and heal those emotional wounds of missed milestones with laughter and cheer

*We do not advocate for actual sickness being healed with laughter or our show. If you are displaying any signs of COVID-19 please don’t come to our show and seek actual medical attention.

Tickets $25 (plus booking fee) Book Here


David Williamson is Australia’s most prolific playwright. His vast body of work includes classics such as Don’s Party, The Removalists, The Club and ravelling North.

Birthrights, although published in 2003 and described as a ‘bittersweet play about motherhood’, explores many themes which are very relevant today. When Helen (Francesca Radice) discovers she is unable to have children, her career-driven sister Claudia (Rebecca McRae) offers to be the surrogate mother.

The play addresses the ethical and emotional complexities of this act of generosity along with the impact on the sisters’ very different partners, Mark (James Chambers) and Martin (James Hunter). Kelly (Jacinta-Rose Burley), the daughter, proves to be a challenging child whilst Margaret (Sally Bartley), the feisty mother of the sisters, attempts to smooth the waters.

Directed by Julie Bailey, Birthrights, an engaging play with strong characters and thought-provoking dialogue, promises a thoroughly absorbing and entertaining theatre experience


Double vaccination required for all patrons 12+

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Art Exhibit; Alice In Dunderland

Alice In Wonderland is a time honoured classic that’s been interpreted by everyone from Salvador Dali to Banksy … well, maybe not Banksy.

Alice in Dunderland is a collaborative effort based on my own take on Alice. I use the story of her adventures to illustrate my own journey through life and link it to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey archetype – when one goes adventuring, it’s easier to find your way and return home if you have a map. I include my own art and that of other generous souls, because art always makes things clearer than words alone and adventures are better with friends.

Alice looks at the role of the arts, creativity, visual storytelling in cultural change and raising public awareness.

Feb 1 – 22 Times TBA

The Red Tree Theatre offers the Central Coast community a creative, flexible space to present performances, speakers and ideas.

With retractable seating for up to 140, and potential for flexible layouts, this addition to the coast’s venues will be perfect for plays, comedy, music, workshops, forums and discussions. You are welcome to use this theatre for your organisation’s activities.

The Monkey Bar offers the chance for your audience to enjoy a drink prior or after the show, or during interval.

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How did Red Tree Theatre get its name?

The Foundation was inspired by The Red Tree (2001), a picture book written and illustrated by Shaun Tan. Richly illustrated, it presents a fragmented journey through a dark world, with images inspired by the experience of depression. The main character is a lonely red-headed girl. A red leaf from a red tree follows the girl through her day, stating how she feels and depicting her worries. Almost unnoticed in each picture is a small red leaf, symbolising hope. At the end, the little girl stands smiling at a beautiful red-leafed tree growing in her bedroom. See The Red Tree.

Elderslee Foundation recognises the connection between participation in cultural activity and the arts and well-being. We believe that by calling our major performance space Red Tree Theatre, we are taking our place in the creative community of the Central Coast, encouraging social connection and community cohesion, and making a positive contribution to the health and well-being of the community.

The Foundation commissioned Grant Maloney, a local artist to give expression to our Red Tree Theatre, and it is his evocative and dramatic painting in the foyer of our Centre that patrons see upon entering this space. This beautiful artwork reminds us of our shared humanity and the powerful connection between the arts, hopefulness and well-being.